Incrediable Memory

Originally Published 2-05-2008

Once after a Niel Diamond concert at the Omni in Atlanta, my wife, some friends from Virginia, and I stopped at the Varsity drive-in to do the burger, hot dog, fries and cola thing. This homeless looking guy comes out starts taking orders going from car to car, no paper, no pen, no tape recorder, no microphone, no radio – nothing. He came back with our food exactly as ordered. I still wonder how he remembered all that. I wonder if he had a system. Perhaps just an amazing memory. That reminds me of a research note I saw last week indicating that during the probing of someone’s brain the doctors somehow triggered incredible memory of incredible detail from the patient’s distant past. Sometimes I give the excuse that my brain is full, for not remembering things – like my sister’s wedding anniversary, which I somehow cornfused (sw va speak) with her son’s birthday. Maybe now I will need to say my cache memory is full. Maybe I should just say I are cornfused, so while they sort that out, they will forget that I am confused and failed to remember.


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