Fire Bird

I have this 91 Firebird which someone donated to my cause. When I got it there was a massive oil leak, probable transmission issue, a missing bumper cover, bent bumper, bent hood, and a couple fender dents. Supposedly a former UGA student had a close encounter with a hitch or something. I dis-assembled the top of the engine primarily to figure out how to repair GM injector based fuel systems, replaced a lot of crumbling vacumn lines, old gaskets, etc.. Now the car will run, and except for a blown airbag, the bent bumper, cover, hood, a bad oil sensor, and the possible trans thing, the car runs pretty well. It does not meet my definition of road worthy, because of the damage.

The big hang up is find a bumper, cover, and hood. I have not driven the car on the road, so I am unsure what the transmission thing is, if any. However, I suspect it is the lockup torque solenoid / overdrive switch. Historically cars I have owned with this GM overdrive transmission have had problems with the solenoid switch. I know it can cause some funky stuff to happen, and you would think it were exploding itself – and if you don’t fix quickly, it just might. One other problem is the hatchback electric lock thing – its one of those cadalic trunk lid like gizmoes. The lid closes but the electric mechanism will not secure the hatchback, like it is supposed to.

I have been tempted a couple times to have it hauled away, but parts are pretty scarse for these guys, and the junk yards want it to feed to a car crusher. The car only has 126K miles, with a V6 and Overdrive Trans. I feel it might have a couple road trips, T-tops stashed, with some care. Just need to find a few properly documented parts, and carpet.


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