Technical Career

I began my technology career in 1979. I worked as an ADP technician and PL/1 programmer in Richmond, Virginia. In Atlanta, Georgia, I was a production systems support programmer analyst. In Maitland, Florida I wrote a lot of PL/1 code in a very short time for a really big company. In Cincinnati, Ohio I was a project leader and developer on two major components of a customization of the worlds largest application system. While in Huntsville, Alabama, I saw my first and perhaps the last Multics computer. In Dunedin, Florida I looked at some PL/1 code that should have been written in PL/1++, and wrote a few scripts which seemed to suggest the whole idea probably wouldn’t work. In Marietta, Georgia I wrote a PL/1 VSAM program for the big computer company. In Sandy Springs, Georgia I wrote a DBase3 / Clipper system for a company selling themselves to some other company in nine weeks. In RTP, North Carolina, I was a vender team leader for the big computer company, wrote a lot of PL/1 IMS DB/DC, plus lots of VM/CMS and REXX code, while muddling about with DB2. In Morrisville, North Carolina I re-developed a detached service machine to archive engineering date, reducing it’s retrival time from days to minutes at the other big phone company. That position initially involved a bit of PL/1, some Cobol2, SQL/DS, XEDIT, and lots of REXX. I got myself involved in a bit of everything there including Ultrix, HP-UX, C, Pascal, Oracle, and a department website. The job eventually evolved to all HP-UX and Oracle. In Winston Salem I worked on an online financial system using HP-UX, vi, ksh, awk, etc., along with Informix, SQL, and perl. While in Kernersville, I worked on a YMCA website, a church website, and built myself a genealogy system using visual studio basic with sql server, developed a skeleton of a speculative system in java for tracking used car inventory. As a hobby I cleaned up a few infected computers for friends. More recently, I have repaired a few broken laptops for various friends, and done a bit of software research, some prototyping, written a book and a couple speculative systems. I guess I could say my primary focus has been recovering dormant people skills after twenty five years of concentrating on a primarily technical career. So I work in a Gym part time to help with paying the bills, since most all the technical work has effectively moved to the dark side of the moon.


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