Stuff that busts and rusts

Despite whatever the silly politicians and talk radio experts on nothing have to say, the American people know exactly how we got into this mess. First we wanted a social safety net. Then we wanted things that fly. And things that go bang. And things that both fly and go bang. And things that fly carefully and low while going bang a lot of times. But mostly we wanted things to carry the things which fly and go bang a lot. We wanted the best of the best of things that carry things that go bang and fly. Then we wanted things that could roll over things that go bang. And we wanted a lot of them. And a lot more things to go bang.  Then we wanted medical care for the elderly. Then medical care for our kids. Then medical care for everybody.

Some of our people didn’t think medical care was all that important. They thought it was more important to prove we could move a great army to the land of ancient Babylon, win a Biblical war there, and return home mostly safe. We have almost succeeded at some of that. But first we have to finish off one remaining war, but we have to look aside for a minute so someone else can send a lot of stuff that goes bang to a third-party in this ongoing disaster. Then we can both finish off that same third-party, with more of our stuff that flies and goes bang. Of course there is another Biblical prophesy we hope doesn’t come true, at least not until we get ourselves extracted from that particular neighborhood.

Meanwhile the bonds which were used to borrow the money to finance these wars by a bunch of people who should have known better, are virtually guaranteed to go bang somewhere. We just hope not here, and not in China. If they go bang here the NKVD prediction about the demise of America could be realized. If they go bang there, well, there are a lot more of them than there are of us. And we have sent all of our technology to them because they could make it cheaper, and faster, than we could – which means they can build a lot of things which fly and go bang, a lot, too.

The problem with investing all your money in stuff that goes bang, has something to do with not being able to do anything with it unless you send it off to go bang near someone else. Otherwise it sits around and either rusts down or goes bang spontaneously at the most inconvenient of times. Neither is an option which has any significant return on investment. The people who made this mess of things are trying their best to wreck our little red wagon, by driving it over a cliff with us in it. We hope the Cincinnati and Boston families are happy, because they and their TEA friends have certainly wrecked the little red wagon for the rest of us.

Needless to say, the people who did this were not deep or experienced thinking types. They were busy acting presidential, cowboy cheerleader types. They could have saved the rest of us a lot of trouble by thinking about what was to be done, before building all that stuff to go bang. But since they were men of action, and their friends needed a payday, they invested trillions in war making.

No one paid them to think, and they didn’t much think, thinking, was all that important either. So now we have this huge mess, simply because all the people who wished to save stuff, refused to consider the idea of change, and decided one morning to get up without powering their brains up first, after which they threw away the power up key.

The big question now: Can we extract ourselves from this fine mess they have made of things?


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