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Liberal vs Conservative

October 7, 2010

Liberals feel “called” for lack of a better term, to be inclusive. The Great Commission, as well as the Communist Manifesto are both visions of inclusive social, political, or religious movements. Communism can also be viewed as a “socialist” religious movement. Liberal movements practice conquest by inclusion. Liberal organizations loose their raison d’ĂȘtre when they have converted everyone. When reason to be is lost, more conservative elements take over and undertake purification to extend the life, as well as protect the lives and investment of those involved in the organization. Stalin was the conservative figure who seized control of the Soviet system and then purged his liberal rivals during the 1930’s. Likewise the bishop of Rome used the various councils to work out which of the common practices and beliefs of the early Christian Church would be included in Catholicism. Later popes used the inquisition to remove those who had divergent views. The Republican Party has made a similar transition. Liberal movements accomplish their purpose then either dissipate or become conservative.

Conservative movements, on the other hand, exist to conserve some vision of purity. This is accomplished by inviting imperfect individuals to make themselves absent. If such invitations are not accepted, troublesome individuals are forcibly removed. The methods which have been employed to accomplish removals range from shell games with meetings to the taking of life. History is filled with examples of conservative movements. Ancient Israel. The Roman Empire was the conservator of Greek civilization. The Papacy of the early middle ages served as the conservator of Ancient Rome. The Holy Roman Empire was the conservator of the Papacy of the early middle ages. The American Revolution was a conserving event used to maintain gains associated with the liberal era known as the enlightenment. Napoleon’s empire can be viewed as an effort to conserve the national status of France from before the liberal French Revolution. The American Civil War can be viewed as an attempt to conserve the rights of individual states to limit the freedom and status of certain of their citizens. The Third Reich was an attempt to conserve the German Empire which existed prior to World War One. The problem with conservative movements is they don’t go away easily or peacefully. War seems to often be required to resolve their issues.