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Blundering Off

August 20, 2009

Today’s economic mess in America is primarily the result of blundering off in the direction of neo-conservative economic theory for many years.  This period of blundering was followed by eight years of practicing this economic theory, which seems to primarily suggest that markets are the absolute solution for all known problems.  This of course actually depends on the players in this economic game agreeing to a set of rules which protect all player value, assets, positions, and interests.  This presents a conundrum because neo-conservative theory asserts that rules and regulations (aka government) are inherently bad, and thus un-needed.  Once the actual practicing of the theory began, no ones values, assets, positions, or interests were protected, because the rule required for their mutual protection were gone.


This Fine Mess

August 20, 2009

The night the supreme court made Bushy, Inc president I told my in-laws our family would be unemployed, foreclosed, bankrupt, and homeless by the time he was out of office. This economic mess actually started much earlier – when the neo-conservative republicans took over the congress in 1994. Their win was a response to the liberal extremes on the democratic side attempting to force a more liberal vision of “morality” on a mostly moderate America. The middle class in our country has suffered through 15 years of oscillation between extreme political opinions on how to manage the economy, govern the country, and influence the world. The conservatives who claim to have all the answers have run up the US national debt in what can only be rationally described from their perspective as an effort to bankrupt the country. The only logical reason for this seems to be so that no future government could afford to pay for any social programs, particularly social security for neo-conservative’s most hated of all generations in history – the WW2 baby boomers. This has a lot to do with boomers social security being the largest government cost item in world history. Conservatives simply cannot get by giving up that much of a limited pile of wealth to support anyone in their old age. Up until now, these conservatives have been constrained in how to be rid of old boomers, by their supposed morality. Watch carefully, those nice woolly sheep are growing teeth, bushy tails, and pointy ears. The conservatives and their supporters in business systematically destroyed the fabric of the American economy in a desperate effort to maximize shareholder value, cut costs, save money, and eliminate taxes. At one point they even had a vision of going back and eliminating all the social programs that were put in place during the great depression. They have their depression. It will take more than a few months to move beyond this mess. Two years is a minimum.The republicans and their supporters did this thing over at least fifteen years. Their theory is basically there should be a limited amount of wealth in the world, they want it all, and no one else, including the American middle class should have any. This mentality pervades American business, and is the engine which is busy driving everything but retail, finance, and marketing out of the United States economy. Ok, so they haven’t eliminated your profession yet? You can bet they are busy figuring out how to eliminate you – because your salary is a cost on someone’s balance sheet. Eliminating you enables higher executive salaries and higher shareholder profits. If this train does not get turned about, your turn comes. If it can be moved off shore it will be. Ask those people who lost their jobs with the big hotel conglomerate a few weeks ago – they were outsourced to India. That particular outfit charges above one hundred bucks a night at their facilities across small town America which is almost double what it was only a few years ago. Their market is primary in the United States of America. Why are they further injuring the US economy by laying off people and running up the price of their service. Which makes fewer Americans able to afford to stay in their hotels? There is only one answer. They are greedy, beady eyed, and stupid. If they must move into these emerging markets, then they should build hotels there.