I Love Republicans

I love republicans. Most of them are good people, but politically, they are their own worst enemies. Take the great governor of the great state of South Carolina. Mr. Governor screws up big time by sneaking off to visit his mistress in Argentina, while hiking on the Appalachian Trail. He gets caught on the way back to the trail by a reporter in the Atlanta Airport. Now he can’t stop talking. I hope his mistress is at least half as embarassed as the rest of us while he is revealing the details of their tryst to on-air reporters. His republican friends now want to dump him, cause he is no longer a good republican. He is no longer ideologically pure. The party must be pure to win. Some of his friends think “he needs help”. The rest of us have thought so for a while now. I guess a New York call girl wasn’t good enough for the likes of him. Before the governor snuck off to Buenos Aries, he was presidential material. Now, he is mentally unstable. Go figure.

Maybe double daring him to “out perform” that NY gov was a bad idea.


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