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Sarah Palin and the Republicans

July 13, 2009

Wow. Things sure get cold in republicanville after a lost election. Especially, the vice presidential canidate is a relatively good looking woman. But wait – that is what they hated so much about Hillary in 1994 – wasn’t it? She was just too good looking to be a successful lawyer in her own right. Too pretty to fix health care. Sarah Palin has resigned from her governorship, probably for personal financial reasons, as well as the other big secret of state government – the job is incredibly boring. If it is not then why do the more interesting of the political types have these oh so secret lives, chasing interns, teleporting themselves from the hiking trail to Buenos Aires via the Atlanta airport, or cutting brush in 100 degree days in Texas. If being a governor is not so incredibly boring then why is it governors need these distractions? Lets face it being a governor IS incredibly boring. Sarah had a relatively simple choice. She could find trouble to get into. She could countinue the Obama bashing the republicans wanted which does not ring well one populist against another – party differences and looks aside. Otherwise, she could resign and go fishing. The republican pundits are of course having a field day, but one should look beyond the pundits. There has been a coordinated attempt by a handful of Republicans operatives in Alaska to destroy this Republican governor. Why? Because there is more to this than the fact she is a Republican. She is not the right kind of Republican. Republican women who make it to the big time are the daughters of wealth, power, pomp and circumstance. Not Sarah Palin.


Russian programmers manipulation of markets

July 6, 2009

If someone else could use this program to unfairly manipulate markets…  I presume that is exactly what “the bank” has been doing with said software. If this program was neting them millions and millions of bucks, I think you can bet they were using it to their own maximum advantage. Were other banks targeted by “the bank” using this program, or some similar technology, offensively? I think a US attorney should be looking into how “the bank” was using as well as mis-using this technology.

One other thing – as a software developer, we often insert clauses into contracts to protect our interests – particularly if our own prior art is involved. The defendant in this case is at least somewhat of an expert on image and neural processing. They would not be paying him 400K per year, if he were not. Any software expert would insert a clause into his employment contract, allowing himself a legal copy or “fork” of the code he developed. He would also insist on a clause maintaining his right to continue developing his “fork”. This would be particularly applicable if the developed system contained methods or algorithms he had previously designed, developed, or invented. This could be how the defense can say they have broken no law. It would also mean “the bank” is using the government, and the legal system, to break an otherwise legally binding employment or consulting contract.

Some other US attorney should also be asking what this software had to do with the price of oil one year ago…

I Love Republicans

July 1, 2009

I love republicans. Most of them are good people, but politically, they are their own worst enemies. Take the great governor of the great state of South Carolina. Mr. Governor screws up big time by sneaking off to visit his mistress in Argentina, while hiking on the Appalachian Trail. He gets caught on the way back to the trail by a reporter in the Atlanta Airport. Now he can’t stop talking. I hope his mistress is at least half as embarassed as the rest of us while he is revealing the details of their tryst to on-air reporters. His republican friends now want to dump him, cause he is no longer a good republican. He is no longer ideologically pure. The party must be pure to win. Some of his friends think “he needs help”. The rest of us have thought so for a while now. I guess a New York call girl wasn’t good enough for the likes of him. Before the governor snuck off to Buenos Aries, he was presidential material. Now, he is mentally unstable. Go figure.

Maybe double daring him to “out perform” that NY gov was a bad idea.