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Saltfire Blog Announcement

September 25, 2007

A year ago today I started writing this. Sometimes out of sheer boredom, sometimes sheer frustration. It has been an interesting exercise, and I have since renamed and re-categorized it somewhat. I have chosen to use a pen name since commercial bloggers originally seemed intent on “spinning” my world view into theirs, or telling me how stupid I were for just not repeating their “company” line. Some wanted to conduct email debates, maybe flame wars. I don’t have time for that. I think everyone who bothers to think independently for five or ten minutes probably has a different point of view, and those differing points of view add to the sum of our total understanding of things. I see no need to argue each other into oblivion. I eventually turned comments off, and registered a new email address to end this sort of nonsense. I have written the articles to express my opinion on a few things. The point was never to make anyone particularly happy, but to document a point of view which may be somewhat unique to me.

I have reposted most of my articles from the post section to the pages section recently. I have tried to keep the date of original publication on those artices, especially if they were complete, and somehow relevant.